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The Project

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Our collaboration focuses on creating landmark signs on a new trail. It's not the Freedom Trail, where citizens of the past fought for their rights. It's a trail where we fight for our future. A danger is coming again, but this time, it's global warming. Remembrance of Climate Futures in Arlington: a new trail. Tom Starr, a professor of graphic design at Northeastern University, developed this project to help educate people on how climate change will affect them personally. He's developed it in different towns – even in New Hampshire! Climate Futures looks back from the future on events happening in Arlington related to global warming just around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for our markers all over Arlington. Each will predict a possible future of a specific landmark in Arlington that will be affected by climate change. Everyone is affected, even us.

You can find Tom Starr's website here, where it documents each town's Climate Futures markers.

A picture of menotomy rocks park. Fallen leaves cover the ground, and the picture is taken looking uphill. The trees are bare. The sun is shining through the dispersed trees. Around the middle of the image, there is a teepee built out of sticks, at an estimated 5 feet height. Closer to the viewer, in front of the teepee, is a wooden bench.

The team:



We are the twelve students from Arlington High School dedicated to helping Tom Starr with this project. In Arlington, Remembrance of Climate Futures becomes unique. Tom Starr wanted to shake things up and make his signs​ different from the other installations in other towns. That's where we come in; this is a youth led version. As interns, we did extensive research about Arlington. We met with other activists in Arlington to create signs that warn of the future or celebrate new strategies for climate resilience. Every week, guest speakers visited us to talk about different aspects of tackling the climate change crisis. You can read about them in our weekly blog posts. Partnered with Tom Starr, our hope is these signs will promote positive actions in Arlington and help change the outcome of a stormy future. 

Our roles were helping the interns to succeed with the project. We organized different meetings with guest speakers every Tuesday. Each week, we assigned the interns new tasks in order to prepare them for making markers. We were the adult helping voices that get around costs for the interns, along with planning the timeline for the project and scheduling work every week. ​

Guest Speakers

Every week, the interns were visited by amazing people that taught them to utilize different strategies for combating climate change. Through these guest speaker's own wisdom and interests, they brought inspiration every week. Some taught about specific climate change events, like heat maps. Others focused on activists' voices and how to be heard. All of these speakers were inspiring and helped this project to the highest potential. You can read more about them in our blog posts, or below. 

Meet The Interns

A light skinned girl, with fluffy and slightly curly brown hair to the shoulders. She is wearing a turquoise long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black pants. She is smiling.

Clara Schneider

Hi! I'm Clara. I applied for this internship because I am concerned about climate change's effect on society and the worldwide lifestyle changes it requires. In particular, I am interested in climate change’s ties to sustainable agriculture and its impact on local communities. I am going to be a sophomore at AHS in the fall. In my free time, I run cross country and track, and I play the violin.

A medium skinned girl with dark and mildly thick straight hair in a ponytail on her shoulder. She has dark eyes and is wearing gold loops for earrings. She is sitting in what appears to be a cafe. She is wearing a black baseball cap, and a navy blue long sleeved shirt with a small white nike sign on her left of her chest. On her right shoulder is a tote bag with green straps. She is smiling and there is a green soft serve on a table in front of her.

Margo Awad

Hi! My name is Margo. I'm very interested in climate mitigation and adaptation, within the Arlington community especially. This past year I have taken a few classes related to the topic, such as Weather and Climate and Act on Climate: Steps to Individual, Community, and Political Action, and I'm very interested in using my own individual learnings and applying them within a community through this internship. Along with my interest in climate change I also love to make art.

A dark skinned girl with braided hair tucked behind her neck. She has dark eyes and is looking into the camera. She is wearing large, round dark rimmed glasses and smiling. She is wearing a brown coat. The camera is up close to her face.

Daisy Takang

My name is Daisy. I care a lot about the environment and combatting climate change. I favor writing, art, and digital editing. I was born in Cameroon, Central Africa. I also love learning languages. Fun fact: I like yellow apples


Julia Mcneill

Hi! I'm Julia. I am very intent on helping to end climate change. It is a really big issue that needs to be addressed, and I hope that by helping with projects like this, I can be a part of ending the climate crisis. I also play the violin, and I've been learning for nine years. As an extensive hobby, love to draw, and I hope to make it my career in the future.

A light skinned girl with straight hair tied back behind her head. She is smiling with full teeth and not looking directly at the camera. She is wearing an orange sleeveless shirt and is in front of an area with many leaves in the background.

Greta Mastro

I'm Greta! I love the environment and care about the effects of climate change, especially when it comes to animals becoming extinct due to humans. As an extreme activist, I work in Arlington through different organizations to help reduce food waste by composting. When I'm not stressing about the world burning, I love to write. I've finished one novel and started my second. I also like to run, draw, bake, and read. 

A light skinned girl, smiling with full teeth, at the camera. She has shoulder-length wavy dirty blonde hair, and her head is slightly tilted. She is wearing a black, white, red, and yellow striped shirt. She is in front of a glass with a sticker sign on it, and plants are in a rectangle garden behind her.

Lily Fox-Jurkowitz

My name is Lily. I am interested in the subject of climate change and its many connections to other injustices. I think that it is extremely important to take action on the climate to protect those who will be most affected by climate changes. In addition to my interest in combating climate change, I am also invested in political activism. I am a member of the Young Progressives and the Student Prison Activism Coalition. I am also a member of the AHS Cross Country team, and I love to run!

A medium skinned boy with a mildly upturned expression, with only his head in view. He has dark, shorn hair. He is wearing a shirt with a green collar and a navy blue background with thin white stripes. He is in front of a white ceiling and walls, with a doorframe on the right.

Nishaad Vinayak

My name is Nishaad and I am a junior at AHS. I started getting involved in environmental activism when I understood the imminent threat of climate change on untouched nature was a result of human actions. Living in a coastal city, I also realized rising sea levels wield the potential to displace millions, if not billions of people. My love for the outdoors also coincides with one of my extracurriculars; I am an active Boy Scout who spends a lot of time enjoying the beauty of this planet.

A medium skinned girl with straight brown hair tied back behind her head. She is smiling with full teeth, and is wearing a red shirt. Behind her is a nature background with trees, hills, and the sky. The trees are only on the right side.

Juliette Bennett

Hi! I'm Juliette. I'm interested in climate change because I know it is something that will drastically affect us and the environment in the years to come. I want to help bring awareness to its dangers, and do our best to prevent it from happening. In my free time, I like to read, write, and draw, and often I involve myself in getting information about the politics in both our everyday lives and around the world.

A light skinned girl with medium-length brown hair. She is smiling, close-lipped, and wearing a light brown sweater with a dark brown stripe in the middle. She is in front a rock bridge in a forest, and there are green trees in the back.

Chloe Ferris

I'm Chloe. I care about the environment and wish to help protect it from the effects of climate change. I am interested in learning more about the direct and indirect cause and effects of climate change. Outside of this internship, I'm very athletic. I'm going on a backpacking trip and I do cross country in the fall at AHS.

Meet The Organizers

A medium skinned boy under bright lights. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and is slightly smiling. He is up close to the camera and wearing a light green baseball cap, and blood orange shirt.

Tamaki Sugihara

Hello, I'm Tamaki. I am 16 years old, an incoming junior at Arlington high school. My interest in climate change derives from demographics I saw when I was younger of the effect flooding would have on Arlington as a result of climate change. I am a baseball player and am particularly interested in producing greater results through the use of analytics.

A smiling light skinned girl with medium brown hair tied back. She is wearing a light grey tank top, and is standing in front of pine trees. Her arms are folded with her hands on her hips.

Sasha Segal

Hi, my name is Sasha and I'm a rising junior. I am interested in learning more about the impacts of climate change on Arlington specifically, but also worldwide. I joined this internship to learn how to effectively advocate for climate change and global issues and brainstorm ways to connect with larger audiences to combat global crises. I also play violin and piano at New England Conservatory in Boston and I am the Vice President of the Save the Children club at AHS which focuses on the pressing issues children face world-wide. When I'm free, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and my dog, Phoenix!

A light skinned girl, smiling with teeth and eyes closed. Her medium brown hair are in double braids, and the top of her hair is bleached. She is wearing a light grey tank top and a black backpack. She is standing in front of windows.

Rachel Barglow

My name is Rachel Barglow! I'm a senior at AHS. I'm very interested in climate change activism. I'm part of the Sunrise Movement in Arlington and use my creative skills in art and other aspects towards my love of nature. Through this internship, I hope to learn more about taking responsibility through leadership.

A light skinned woman smiling with teeth at the camera. She has dark eyes. She is wearing glasses, and has light brown straight hair.

Rachel Oliveri

As the School Sustainability Coordinator for the Arlington Public Schools, I develop and support district-wide initiatives centered around environmental education, waste reduction and climate change action. I have a background in child development research and program evaluation and I am committed to creating opportunities for youth to advocate for the environment in their schools and in the community. One of the best parts of my work is supporting students involved in Green Teams, environmental clubs, and internships like this one. Outside of work, I enjoy running, exploring local parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and playing tabletop games with family and friends.

A light skinned man with medium brown hair with bits of grey. He has dark eyes and slightly smiling. He is wearing a white dress shirt.

Tom Starr

I am a graphic designer and professor in the Department of Art + Design at Northeastern University. When I am not in the classroom helping students learn how to communicate visually, I practice what I preach on projects that enhance the understanding of urgent issues facing society. For the past five years my focus has been on bringing attention to the climate crisis, a topic on which I expect to continue working for the foreseeable future. When not teaching or working, you’ll find me on my bike, preferably on a rail trail. 

My vision is that Remembrance of Climate Futures markers could be installed in any community that will be affected by climate change -- that is, everywhere!  Our Arlington version of this regional project is the first to be led by High School students, but not the first. You can read more about the project history, including markers developed for Essex, MA, here.

A light skinned woman smiling at the camera with teeth. She has wavy dark brown hair with bits of grey. She is wearing a red and black polka-dotted scarf, and a black and grey striped shirt.

Cecily Miller

I’ve been the Curator of Public Art for the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture since 2016, and it has been a great adventure to bring artists and the community together to create projects that highlight issues that matter to the community.  The climate crisis is one of the most urgent of these issues, and I’m confident that the markers developed by this group of youth leaders and Tom Starr will have an impact on public opinion and action.  Although I was raised in one of the biggest cities in the US –  New York – I have always been drawn to nature and wildlife and called to contribute to the effort to protect both. When away from work and activism, I enjoy museums, music, reading, walks in nature, photography and watching the antics of my two cats.

Guest Speakers:

Here is a list of our guest speakers and a small list of their huge accomplishments (they wouldn't fit on this page). But we're not going to brag about these brilliant people any further; instead, we'll provide links to their personal websites or their organization's sites. Click on their name to learn more about them or where they work. You can also read about their visit and what they shared with us in our weekly blog posts.

Van Du, Senior Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Area Planning Council


Charles Coe, poet, writer, musician


Ken Pruitt, Energy Manager, and Emily Sullivan, former Environmental Planner/Conservation Agent, Arlington Department of Planning and Community Development


Patricia Nunez Garcia, climate advocate, sustainable international development specialist, and Climate Reality Leader/Mentor, The Climate Reality Project


Sophy Tuttle, artist and muralist


Ron Whyte, environmental activist, advocate, consultant and Project Organizer at Trash Academy


Leon David, urban agriculture activist and co-founder of Farmers Collaborative


Elliot Eichen, physicist and former Congressional Fellow with AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Around twenty people, of various skin colors, though mostly leaning darker. They are standing in a semi-circle and facing the camera. They are holding up various signs. One is orange, and says, "Plastic bag production uses 12 million barrels of oil a year in the USA." On the right of the sign is a picture of a plastic bag being crossed out, with the words "no thank you!" on it. Another sign is white, with a sun and sunbeams on the left. On the right reads, "L'tter Free Philly supports S O L A R". A large circular cloth on the ground is blue and reads, in a circle and in all caps, "What's in your water?" Around it are various objects that hold contaminated water. Another sign reads, "What's really in your water? Say no to plastic bags." "Really" and "no" are emphasized in red. In between the sentences is a tube that pumps out contaminated water. Another blue sign, in the shape of a wave at the bottom, reads in red and all caps, "If you don't make a move we can't make a change".
Around ten people digging in dirt in compost boxes. They have long shovels, and are working right next to a sidewalk and a road. The compost boxes are on a grassy area. In the background there is a mural of a waterfall and beach on a wall. It looks as if it is raining or it has recently rained, with a wet sidewalk.
A light-skinned woman is facing away from the camera and painting a wall, and wearing a red bandana on dark hair. She is painting the grey nose of what appears to be a hare.
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