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Arlington meets its 2050 goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions from all sources one year early.

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This marker is located at 730 Massachusetts Ave in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the pollutants that cause climate change, were an ongoing problem in Arlington. Fossil fuel-powered transportation, the cooling and heating of homes, schools, and businesses, and the incineration of residents’ trash all contributed to Arlington’s emissions. These emissions had a largely negative impact on the environment, contributing to factors such as rising sea levels and extreme temperatures. The Town of Arlington created the Net Zero Action Plan to achieve a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To be net zero means reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and then balancing any remaining emissions from human activities with efforts that absorb emissions, like planting trees. 

The net-zero goal was successfully achieved in 2049, a year earlier than the expected date. The Town celebrated the early achievement of our net zero goal with a parade of all-electric cars and buses as well as residents on bicycles and scooters. Arlington was able to unite together to resolve the problem with great urgency. In the town, in homes, and at school, emissions were carefully recorded and mitigation steps were taken in response. Through public transportation, tree planting, and more renewable energy sources, everyone had accessible options to use sustainable practices in their daily lives.



Arlington is currently working toward achieving its Net Zero Action Plan through programs offered and individual actions suggested by the town. For example, one program that Arlington residents could consider is Arlington Community Electricity, which offers the choice to opt for more renewable energy. Individual actions one may take could include reducing waste, which gets incinerated here in Massachusetts, by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Similarly, biking, walking, or using public transportation, instead of taking cars, are ways one can reduce their carbon footprint. Town residents, students, and everyone within the Arlington community are encouraged to do their part in reaching our goal of a net zero town.



Town of Arlington, Department of Planning and Community Development, Climate & Resiliency Planning

Town of Arlington, Clean Energy Future Committee


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