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Here is the main part of the project: the markers themselves! The markers will soon dot the landscape of Arlington, but for now you can admire them on this website. You can also view their location here. Next to each marker are paragraphs that explain why these climate change related events are happening, and what you can do to help (either with preventing or advocating the event listed in the markers). Climate change is already a huge part of our lives, so many of these markers are diverse, relating to flooding, high temperature, clean air, and public transportation. We hope you enjoy this preview of the markers.

March 19, 2020

First winter without Spy Pond hard freeze marks the end of an era and identity for the town 

June, 2023

Floating wetlands installed in Spy Pond to filter water and remove toxic algae


Support space opens here to help those struggling with the mental health consequences of climate change

June 1, 2035

First Knotweed Café opened here, serving local and safely foraged invasive plants

August, 2047

The formerly southern pine beetle kills 50 pine trees in Menotomy Rocks Park 

December 31, 2021

1,500 residents switch to renewable energy through Arlington Community Electricity

September 14,

Arlington holds its first ever zero waste Town Day

May 1, 2030

Arlington Tree Committee plants first of 1,000 trees on Mass Ave to reduce heat island effect

May, 2040

Minuteman Bikeway closes permanently due to dangerous flooding

Summer, 2059

First year in Arlington with 30 days exceeding 100° 

May 15, 2022

High school students and artist Sophy Tuttle paint mural to advocate for native plants

Autumn, 2025

Final flat roof along Mass Ave painted white to decrease urban heat island effect

August, 2031

Storm waters surge over Amelia Earhart Dam, displacing Arlington’s first climate refugees 

December 6, 2042

The Brattle Court Pumping Station begins running on electricity solely from renewable sources

August, 2061

First Clean Air Shelter opened here after death toll rises due to poor air quality


Student advocacy brings comprehensive climate crisis curriculum to K-12 Arlington Public Schools

October 1, 2027

Zero fare program introduced to make public transit accessible and free to all

March 5,

Mandatory curbside organic waste pick-up diverts 25% of trash from incineration


Native plant initiative transforms 50% of Arlington lawns, increasing biodiversity and oxygen production 

June 20, 2087

Thorndike Park renamed Thorndike Beach at its 150th anniversary floating lantern ceremony 

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