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December 6, 2042

The Brattle Court Pumping Station begins running on electricity solely from renewable sources.

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This marker is located at 18 Brattle Court in Arlington, Massachusetts.


The Brattle Court Pumping Station provides water to Bedford, Lexington, and parts of Arlington, Belmont, Waltham, and Winchester (the Northern Extra High System). The station was built in 1907 when Arlington began to switch off drinking mill water as it became a populated town community. The Brattle Court Pumping Station’s pumps used to be powered with coal sourced from the old railroad which later became the Minuteman Bikeway. Later it switched to the use of electricity and now in 2042, with the popularization and affordability of renewable energy, it runs off of electricity from 100% renewable sources.


Now, electricity from renewable sources is more accessible as a result of demand, supportive policies, and developing technologies, which led to the growth of infrastructure. The result being green electricity that is consistently cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives. The burning of fossil fuels leads to carbon emissions and global warming, reaffirming the necessity of switching to renewable energy.


During the years leading up to 2030, renewables met 80% of the growth in global electricity demand. Green technologies expanded their market share in the 2030s and were implemented in settings where electricity was applied at an increasing rate, such as water and wastewater treatment facilities like the Brattle Court Pumping Station.


The Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is the operator of the site. They previously administered successful projects to reduce the site’s carbon emissions. In 2011 a custom pipe installation at Brattle Court Pumping Station eliminated condensation to reduce the need for dehumidification allowing the site to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, MWRA installed solar panels for roof-top photovoltaic generation. This addition produced solar power for the station, but only 2.54 percent of the site's energy consumption was met with the installation. Further green energy infrastructure provided the resources to run the station entirely on renewables, eliminating its need for fossil fuels.




The role of renewables, specifically solar power, is growing rapidly. Such solutions are key to mitigate climate change and provide energy everywhere. Despite this, the use of electricity from renewable sources is needed more broadly. Further innovation would create more affordable options for all. The importance of residents selecting green infrastructure along with government programs is critical. Arlington Community Energy (ACE) provides the opportunity for residents to opt up to renewable energy. Learn more about the program here. []




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