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A wide shot view of Arlington and the Arlington High School. The school is made of brick and is in the middle left of the photo. It takes up 1/4 of the width. There are various buildings on the right, but everything else is hidden by dark green trees. The sky is blue with puffs of cloud all around. There are small hills in the back left.

Project Partners

Climate Futures Arlington received support from so many organizations, non-profits, and local groups. We are grateful for all the guidance we were given and recognize the incredible spirit of our community. Volunteer work allows these groups to drive change. The time and dedication attributed to the people behind the scenes cannot be emphasized enough. All of these groups contributed to the work we were able to produce and their insight and expertise gave the project a depth and uniqueness that could not have been matched with only an individual perspective. We encourage you to learn more about a group that interests you and get involved. 

organizing partners

Arlington Commission for Arts & Culture

The mission of the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture is to cultivate a sustainable and supportive environment for the arts and enliven public space with accessible creative experiences in order to strengthen and enrich our community, create opportunities for artists, and invigorate the local economy.  A Town Commission, ACAC consists of a core committee and four main standing subcommittees: Marketing and Evaluation, Grant Making, Fundraising and Resource Development, and Community Engagement. The Commission's responsibilities include actively promoting and advocating for arts and culture, managing the Arlington Cultural District, seeking and distributing arts-related grants, and supporting a robust public art program for the Town.  

Arlington Public Schools Sustainability Initiatives

Arlington Public Schools is committed to reducing its environmental impact, promoting health and wellness, and integrating environmental science education and enrichment at all levels. Arlington Public Schools received the 2018 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School District Sustainability Award. The Arlington School Sustainability Coordinator works closely with APS staff and students as well as the Department of Public Works to develop and support school sustainability initiatives such as textile recycling, cafeteria composting and green teams.

Town of Arlington Department of Planning & Community Development

The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is committed to improving the quality of life for Arlington's residents by improving access to housing and transportation, enhancing the vitality of business districts, providing opportunities for low- and moderate-income households, and preserving and promoting the town's natural, historic, and cultural resources. The department oversees various planning and community development activities within the town of Arlington including implementation of the Arlington Master Plan. Staff support a range of Town boards and committees, including the Arlington Redevelopment Board and manage three redevelopment properties: Jefferson Cutter House, Central School (Senior Center), and 23 Maple Street.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston. Their mission is to promote smart growth and regional collaboration. MAPC works toward sound municipal management, sustainable land use, protection of natural resources, efficient and affordable  transportation, a diverse housing stock, public safety, economic development, clean energy, healthy communities, an informed public, and equity and opportunity among people of all backgrounds. The Climate Futures Project is funded in part through MAPC’s Accelerating Climate Resilience grant program, with generous support from the Barr Foundation. 

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A wide shot view of a lake when it is getting dark. At the horizon line are the silhouettes of trees, and they reflect onto the lake. The top of the sky is blue, but is a gradient into pink at the bottom.

Project Partners

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