Native plants and pollinator mural

Interns collaborated with Sophy Tuttle, a local artist, to research, design, and paint a mural encouraging residents to learn about and support native plants and pollinators, which are crucial to ecosystems. The mural was painted over a two week period in May of 2022. Read more about the project itself in its marker paragraph and learn about the native plants and pollinators featured in the mural below

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Native Plant

A plant that has evolved for hundreds to thousands of years in one particular area. Without it, ecosystems are disrupted and other native species are negatively affected.

Ex. in Massachusetts: False Aster


An animal that moves pollen from one plant to another, allowing the plant to reproduce. Without pollinators plants would die because they cannot replicate.

Ex: Monarch

Pollinator Plant

Plants that provide food and protection for pollinators.

Ex: Milkweed

Invasive Plant

A plant that has been introduced from a different part of the world and can grow quickly, outcompeting native plants and disrupting native ecosystems. Invasive plants usually have no predators because they were moved from their original region, making them unstoppable.

Ex in Massachusetts: Knotweed