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Student advocacy brings comprehensive climate crisis curriculum to K-12 Arlington Public Schools.

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This marker is located at 869 Massachusetts Ave in Arlington, Massachusetts.


Our generation is our future, and we deserve to know the basics to climate mitigation and adaptation. Our knowledge will set up generations of kids to be aware of their own carbon footprint and strategies to reduce their impact on the environment starting from the beginning. We held student-initiated protests –inspired by youth climate leader Greta Thunberg – for schools to understand that there are so many benefits that come with adding climate mitigation and adaptation to the curriculums; we demanded a change. As a result of our protests, students would learn about the climate crisis and its impact starting in kindergarten all the way through their senior year. We know the lack of knowledge and the spread of false information regarding the climate crisis is huge and teaching correct information by adding it to the curriculum will change the future. It will encourage kids to join groups like debate and environmental clubs, student council, movements led in Arlington, and to vote when they turn 18. We will inspire younger generations to transform their own environment following the steps of our own students and international climate leaders.


Sources:, School Strike for Climate: Meet 15-year-Old Activist Great Thunberg, Who Inspired a Global Movement

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