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December 31, 2032

90% of homes and businesses now use 100% renewable electricity.

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This marker is located at 730 Massachusetts Ave in Arlington, Massachusetts.


In Arlington, we have a town program called Arlington Community Electricity (ACE). This program allows households and businesses to opt-up to 50% or 100% renewable energy. When the ACE program began in 2017, there were 192 households and small businesses using the 100% renewable electricity option. In 2022, there were 1,120 households and small businesses with 100% renewable electricity. Today, we have achieved our goal: 19,214 households and small businesses with 100% renewable electricity—this is 90% of homes and businesses. It is monumental that we have reached this goal, but it would not have been possible without the support of Town staff and numerous Arlington-based advocacy organizations. The Planning Department played an instrumental role in creating campaigns to encourage residents to opt-up. Mothers Out Front, Sustainable Arlington, and even high school student groups (like the AHS S.A.V.E. Club!) worked to make this goal a reality. 90% of Arlington homes and businesses using 100% renewable displays our community’s commitment to bold climate action. 




It is essential that 100% of Arlington makes the switch to 100% renewable electricity. Much of our electricity in New England is produced through the burning of fossil fuels. With renewable electricity, this is no longer the case. Renewable electricity allows us to harness energy from the wind and sun without polluting the planet. 


Renewable electricity may not always be the cheapest option in the short term, but nonrenewable electricity prices fluctuate significantly. Because of this, renewable options may prove to be cheaper and more stable in the long term. Furthermore, the production of nonrenewable electricity creates expensive and potentially irreparable damage to the Earth. 


How can you support our goal of 100% renewable electricity? First of all, you can opt-up to 100% renewable electricity in your own home through the ACE program! After that, encourage your neighbors to do the same. But there are complexities to this issue. Renewable energy generally does cost more, so not everyone has the resources to opt-up. Together, we can combat this environmental injustice. We can advocate for minimum requirements and subsidies for renewable electricity. We can highlight the importance of making the switch to renewable energy sources. We can endorse elected officials working to provide higher percentages of baseline renewable electricity. 


If you have already opted up to 100% renewable electricity, you might feel that your work is done. However, you must consider what systems in your house are running on fossil fuels. Appliances using fossil fuels are less sustainable than all types of electricity, even nonrenewable. If you can’t opt-up to 100% renewable electricity, another great way to take action is to switch over to electric appliances — stoves, dryers, lawnmowers, etc. And there’s a bonus: electric appliances are better for your health! Whether you are using your time, your funds, or your voice, you have the power to make Arlington run on 100% renewable electricity. 



Town of Arlington, Arlington Community Electricity

Town of Arlington, Department of Planning and Community Development, Climate & Resiliency Planning

Town of Arlington, Clean Energy Future Committee


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