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Volunteering: the Best Way to Make an Impact

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By Lily Fox-Jurkowitz, Chloe Ferris, and Sasha Segal

Volunteering is an essential part of making change. Elise Springuel, the Food Link operations team leader, advocates for community members to take part in volunteering. During our conversation with Elise, she shared with us the shocking fact that 40% of the food in the United States is wasted. She then explained that Food Link is able to rescue an incredible amount of that food and redistribute it to those who need it. In 2020, Food Link rescued over 1.2 million pounds of food, keeping many from going hungry. Volunteering for organizations can be powerful.

In Arlington, there are a wide variety of local community groups that work towards making the world a better place. Many of these groups focus on protecting the planet, or their goals are interconnected with sustainable values. We encourage you to be part of the solution! You can help our community remain resilient in the face of climate change struggles. During a conversation with Elise, she explained that while we still need bold legislative action to make change, much of this change begins with people, like you, at the forefront of this movement.

Take action!

  • Volunteer at Food Link. This is an amazing organization that rescues food from other organizations and businesses and distributes it to people who need it.

  • Volunteer at Arlington EATS. This is another great local organization that provides food insecure Arlington residents with food. Arlington EATS even receives some of their food from Food Link.

  • Organize a litter clean-up with friends, family, and neighbors. By doing this, you will simultaneously build community, make Arlington cleaner, and stop litter from polluting our oceans.

  • Join a local community group. There are many groups in Arlington that work on climate related issues, and they are often looking for new members.

  • Research more ways to help. The possibilities for climate change actions are endless, so brainstorm some efforts that align with your interests!

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